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Arnaud le Cavorzin brings back to life the very confidential tradition of the so-called “combat swimmer” strap, a demonstration of pure utilitarian design created in the 1970s by the soldiers of the French Navy.

The story: The French combat swimmers, freshly equipped with Tudor watches with leather straps, we do not know why. They found an original way to remedy this problem and their waterproof watches became as amphibious as they were. Note that the elastic strap thus designed made it possible to wear the watch over the suit, something hardly possible with a steel strap.

The story within the story: Arnaud le Cavorzin, a great collector of time measuring machines, made his first “combat swimmer” bracelet using a parachute strap and the fittings from his father’s bag, a sub-officer in the army. Everything, absolutely everything, is made in France, even the sewing thread in green Nato polyamide nylon from Zwicky, supplier of the French army.

Nageur de combat straps made in France.

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